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M.A.C.E. - Making A Change Early

Due to an overwhelming national response, participants MUST be 13 - 17 years of age and reside within Douglas County. We cannot make any exeptions.

The M.A.C.E. Program is an early intervention program that is designed to allow youth ages 13-17 to take a guided tour of the jail in order for them to see that certain choices they are making could land them in trouble, in jail, or worse.

The program consists of an 8 plus hour jail tour which allows them to see what being is jail is all about and that choices like drugs, gangs, stealing and defiance can land them there. They will hear words of wisdom from officers about good choices, and hear testimony from inmates about bad choices that personally caused them to end up in jail. Participants will dress in jail clothes, eat jail food, and spend time in jail cells while they are constantly being challenged to think of ways to prevent them from staying or ever coming back.

Parents of the participants are also required to take a class while their child is attending the program in order to equip them with information they need to help get their children on the right course. We believe that parents are a key part of their children's problems and a key part to their success!

A participation letter is provided to show proof that they child has attended and completed the program. Parents are required to sign a waiver to allow their children to participate. Courts cannot require your child to participate in this program, and this is not a typical scared straight program although it can be very frightening. Unlike scared straight programs from 20 years ago we encourage positive behavior and provide tools to achieve goals as well as resources for parents and kids to follow up with to assist with the needed changes.

Parents are required to provide a picture of their child and to complete an in-person interview/application prior to and in order for their child to participate.

Programs are always on Fridays and the program starts at 8:00AM. Parents are required to stay all day.

For more information, please contact:
Sgt. Jesse Hambrick
MACE Coordinator
Office: 770-577-5106
(Note: Use email for quickest response)


These are quotes from parents for the MACE program

  • I use to get a phone call every week with him being in trouble now I have gotten 2 phone calls this week with them telling me that he is doing good and they have seen a difference in him. Thank you!

  • My child said Thank you for making dinner and he doesn't tell me to shut up anymore.

  • My child is focus in staying in school and wanting to get caught up on her work. She has a goal now.

  • I have seen so many changes in my child. Thank you for such an awesome program.

  • I can see a difference in my children they know the consequences for taking that road now.

  • The program changed my child's attitude. You can definitely see improvement.


Hello Sheriff Miller,

I wanted to reach out to share my thoughts on a TV show called "Beyond Scared Straight" which I just viewed. I believe yours is the department which was featured in this episode. I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with the professionalism of your department and those men and women who participate in the youth intervention program featured on the show. Your officers demonstrated a genuine care and concern for the youth they were working with and it was clear to see that their desire to make a positive impact on the lives of the kids who were at a very dangerous cross road in their lives was real and heart felt.

Although I do not live in your community I wanted the officers in your department as well as yourself to know how proud my family and I are of the work you are doing there in your community. As someone who also reaches out to change the dangerous courses kids sometines find themselves on I understand and very much appreciate what your department is doing and the exemplary manner in which you carry out the program. Again, it is easy to see that your officers and the department genuinely care about these kids.

Keep up the outstanding work and God bless you and your officers.


Coach Dan Armentrout
Oceanside High School
Oceanside, CA

San Luis Rey Athletic Association
Home of the Trojans


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