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Civil Process Matters FAQ

Question: What is the Dispossessory process?

Answer: The Dispossessory process begins with the Court of origin (typically the State or Magistrate Court). Following notice being served to the tenant a 7 day period must pass for the tenant to answer the proceeding. Should no answer be filed the Landlord may then request the court to issue a writ of possession for the property. Following issuance of the writ, the Landlord may then take control of the property. Should assistance of the Sheriff be necessary to keep the peace during the removal of the defendant, the Landlord may secure such service by the payment of 25.00 per writ. Evictions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis for individual Landlords. Companies also provide eviction services by providing the labor and other services to their clients.

Question: How many times will the Sheriff try to serve my process?

Answer: Two attempts will be completed, one during the day time and one at night.

Question: Why do I have to pay another fee following the fees I paid to the court for my eviction?

Answer: This fee is for the Deputy Sheriff to be present and keep the peace during the removal of the defendant from the property. Some tenants vacate the property when requested and assistance of the Sheriff is not necessary.

Question: When I send process for service what should I include?

Answer: The process to serve, no additional copies will be needed. An entry of service if within the state of Georgia. An affidavit of service if outside the state or the proper form provided by the court. A return envelope with your address clearly printed.

Question: What is your address to get my legal papers to you as soon as possible?

Answer: When mailing process to the Sheriff's Office for service from other jurisdictions please use the following address:

Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Attention: Civil Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd.
Douglasville, GA 30134

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Inmate Mail FAQ

The Douglas County Jail inspects inmate mail to provide a safe and secure environment for inmates. As of May 1st, the Douglas County Jail implemented a new policy regarding inmate mail. Like many other jails across the country, we will be limiting any correspondence to or from inmates to postcards. For complete details, click here to download the PDF file containing the new inmate mail policy.

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Jail Division FAQ

Question: What information do I need to bring for a property bond?

Answer: The deed to your home, your tax statement indicating that your taxes have been paid and are current as well as providing the accessed fair market value of your home, and your last mortgage statement showing the amount owed on the home. **Please note that statements printed off of the internet will NOT be accepted.

Question: Where are bond hearings held and at what time?

Answer: They are held on the third floor of the Douglas County Courthouse in Courtroom #2 at 8700 Hospital Dr. Douglasville, GA 30134. Bond hearings begin at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and at 8:30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Question: Can I pay off a ticket?

Answer: You must contact the Douglas County State Court Clerks Office at 770-489-5232.

Question: How can I prove that an inmate was incarcerated during a certain period of time?

Answer: The form you will need is called a Proof of Incarceration. You may request this form in person at the Douglas County Jail.

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Office of Professionial Standards FAQ

Question: What type of complaints are investigated?

Answer: Any activity which is of concern to any citizen may be reported to O.P.S. The investigating officer will explain the investigative procedure to the complainant.

Question: Can I make an anonymous complaint?

Answer: Complaints may be anonymous. However, it is often necessary to re-contact a complainant to obtain further information about an incident. Each case will be investigated as fully as possible with the information provided.

Question: Who may I contact to make a complaint?

Answer: Any officer of this agency is authorized to receive and document a complaint, or that officer may refer the complaint to the highest ranking officer presently on duty. All complaints are forwarded to the proper authority for investigation.

Question: Will the deputy know the name of the complainant?

Answer: The Constitution of the United States authorizes a person accused of a crime to confront witnesses against him or her. In many cases, investigations are completed without revealing the original complainant.

Question: Are O.P.S. investigations public record?

Answer: Ten days after the completion of an O.P.S investigation, the file becomes subject to an Open Records Request.

Question: Will I know the outcome of the investigation?

Answer: Complainants are notified of the results of the investigation by the investigating officer or the O.P.S. supervisor.

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Uniform Patrol FAQ

Question: What do I do if I feel like the deputy that came to my house or answered the complaint I called in did not handle my situation the way I thought best?

Answer: If a citizen calls in concerned with a complaint that he/she feels wasn't handled properly, the complaint will be pulled and the report reviewed. Upon completion of review, the deputy will be confered with and the complainant will be called back and informed of the findings.

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