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JANUARY 31, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • Vandalism/Theft in Thornton Road area.
      • Georgia Power reported that someone unknown, to them at this time, used equipment belonging to contractors to vandalize other equipment and to steal the tires on the trucks. There was also a large welder stolen after the same piece of equipment was used to move the trucks to steal the tires from. Several other cars and trucks were taken from dealerships and apartment complexes in the Thornton Rd. area. No lookouts on this theft at this time. No leads or suspects have been identified at this time. Any information please call Inv. Matt Gray at 770-920-3923, Inv. Chuck Caitlin at 678-486-1237, or Sgt. Howell at 770-920-4915.
    • Results of aggressive patrolling by Deputies. On 01-31-11 while patrolling and checking businesses on Thornton Rd., a Deputy observed a male in front of the businesses at 900 Thornton Rd. The Deputy noticed the male acting suspicious and trying to walk away when he approached. The Deputy questioned him about why he was standing near the closed businesses. The male, Kyle Portwood stated he was getting coffee, but there were no open stores nearby to get coffee. The Deputy was familiar with recent thefts and burglaries in the area and felt this subject was suspicious. The Deputy was very thorough, checked the area and the subject and located an active warrant on the male and found he had a history of burglaries. The Deputy checked the area businesses and did find an unsecured door to a nearby business and the business owner was notified. The Deputy also noted that the subjects actions were suspicious in front of the businesses and was taken into custody for prowling as well as the active warrant out of Fulton County.
  • Special Investigations Division:
    • Agents with SID received information about a possible forgery that was passed at a local pharmacy. Agents with SID working in conjunction with the Uniform Patrol Division were able to take Kenneth Williams into custody on February 1, 2011. Mr. Williams came into the pharmacy to pick up the prescription that had been forged. A Deputy responded to the pharmacy and was able to take Mr. Williams into custody without incident.
    • Charges on Mr. Williams:
      • Forgery 1st Degree
      • Obtaining drugs by Forgery

JANUARY 30, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • Deputies responded to a robbery complaint where the complainant stated he was lured to a secluded area by a female in an apartment complex, beat up by two males and robbed of his cell phone as they fled the scene. Deputies immediately followed up on leads they learned from the victim which led them to two males who lived in the complex. They made contact with these two suspects at their apartment and were able to get the males to admit they had committed the crime. The two adult males Dominique Akuamoah and Raemar Hogsett were charged and taken into custody and the victim's phone was recovered and returned. A third juvenile suspect had involvement and was also charged in this case.
  • Special Investigations Division:
    • A Lara Felver was taken into custody over the weekend on Forgery warrants issued by the Special Investigations Division. In May, 2010 Mrs. Felver attempted to pass a forged prescription for Oxycodone at a local pharmacy. However, due to some problems with the prescription the pharmacy did not fill it. The same prescription was later used in Cobb County where Mrs. Felver was charged with forgery there. She appeared before the local magistrate today on our charges and Douglasville PD charges.

JANUARY 29, 2011

  • Jail Division
    • Drugs inside the Jail - A Deputy initiated a traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of both occupants. One of the occupants, Chad Swint who was the driver of the vehicle, was wanted out of Carroll County on a felony warrant. Upon entering the Douglas County Jail, arrestee Swint was strip searched, and found to be in possession of Endocet. Endocet is a narcotic pain reliever that combines Oxycodone with Acetaminophen and can severely impair a driver. Mr. Swint was received a new felony charge for smuggling the drug into the jail. On January 31, 2011, Charles Bailey received a felony charge for bringing marijuana across jail guard lines. The night shift jail supervisor, noticed the odor of marijuana in the immediate area of the Bookin holding cell. When he entered the cell, the scent got stronger. Arrestee Bailey, the only inmate in the holding tank at this time, was strip searched and a small bag of marijuana was located in his red gym shorts. On January 31, 2011 another Deputy smelled the odor of marijuana in the D Dorm. After a short investigation he was able to locate two suspects. Inmate Tyler Archer admitted to officers that he had been in possession of marijuana, but when he couldn't find a way to light it, he swallowed it. On the following day inmate Archer told a Deputy that he never had any marijuana, but said he did because he was scared and didn't want to receive any additional charges. The Deputy questioned inmate Archer further and he finally confessed to having had marijuana. A search warrant was obtained for a drug test and inmate Archer received a new felony charge for possessing marijuana inside of the jail guard lines.

JANUARY 28, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • A report of an armed robbery recently came in to the Crimes against Persons Unit for investigation. The Complainant stated he had bumped into an old friend at a local convenient store, but upon leaving the store, the old friend pulled a gun on him and robbed him of all the money he had in his wallet which was $60.00. The armed robbery report was investigated in an attempt to arrest the old friend for the crime which would come with the possibility of numerous years in prison. However, through investigative work, it was discovered that what actually happened was a bit different than what was reported. The complainant had actually given the suspect $40.00 to purchase illegal narcotics for him, but the suspect had failed to return with the money or the narcotics. When it became apparent to the drug buyer that he had been had, he reported his drug dealing friend as an armed robber. The friend was charged with a misdemeanor theft of the $40.00. A warrant was issued for the complainant for making a false report of a crime.

JANUARY 27, 2011

  • Special Investigations Division:
    • Prescription medication fraud and abuse on the rise - The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has noticed a vast increase in the number of prescription medication fraud cases over the past year. During this time, illegal obtained prescription medication arrests have increased as well. The Sheriffs Office Special Investigation Division has taken several steps to help with this growing issue. One of the things that we are doing differently is working more closely with the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency, which is the investigative branch of the State Government regulating pharmacies and who prescribes medications. We have also reached out to local pharmacies to let them know we are here to help if they encounter something suspicious. If the think they might have a person who has a fraudulent prescription trying to get it filled, we encourage them to take a minute to verify the prescription. If it turns out to be fraudulent, call us and we will investigate to see if a crime has been committed and we will take charges. The response from local pharmacies has been great. It has been tremendous asset to us in the enforcement of this growing problem. Street sales of prescription medications have also been on the increase. Over the past couple of years we have seen a growing market place with prescription medications. Unfortunately, it has become one of our larger drug problems in the community. This has become the norm across metro Atlanta. We are also encouraging parents to keep a close watch on their prescription medications. It is not uncommon for kids to venture into the parents medicine cabinet and experiment with what they find. They don't see this as dangerous because it was prescribed by a doctor. They do not see them as dangerous as the most common illicit drugs one would normally hear about. Anyone who has information about illegal activity is strongly encouraged to contact the Sheriff's office Special Investigations Division. All information will be kept confidential.
    • Sgt. Jon Mauney at 770-920-4993 or by email at:
    • Lt. Michelle Huey at 770-920-4990 or by email at:

JANUARY 26, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • I would like to commend Deputies Warmouth and Whitehead for their actions on the night of January 26, 2011 at Chickasaw Lane in Austell. These two deputies responded to this address on a woman who was not breathing and slumped over the wheel of her van. Prior to the deputies arriving at the scene, family members were administering CPR to their loved one. When the deputies arrived, they took over CPR until EMS could arrive and they take over administering CPR. Unfortunately, the lady did not survive the incident. This is not due to their efforts or the quickness of their response. These two officers went into first responder mode and did not panic when they responded. They took into consideration the life of another human being. Many times, we as officers are not so fast to respond to the needs of others, especially in these types of situations.
  • Special Investigations Division:
    • A Lester Jones was taken into custody on January 26, 2011 by Forsyth County Sheriff's office on active warrants from The Douglas County Sheriff's office. The Special Investigations Division received information on January 3, 2011 that Mr. Jones had passed several forged prescriptions at a local pharmacy. During the course of the Investigation, it was determined that the prescriptions that Jones had passed were forged documents. Mr. Jones was brought to DCSO by the transport division. Jones is scheduled to appear before the local magistrate on January 27, 2011.
    • Charges taken on Jones:
      • Attempting to obtain drugs by Fraud – 3 Counts
      • Forgery 1st degree

JANUARY 25, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • Suspects of Felony Theft at the Arbor Place Mall Arrested. - On 01-25-11 investigators with the DCSO with the assistance of our Patrol Division and the Douglasville Police Department arrested Jonathan A Cladwell and Desmond R Henry both of Atlanta, Georgia. Both suspects were charged with Felony Theft at the Arbor Place Mall. Both Caldwell and Henry are wanted out of other jurisdictions for Felony Theft and this investigation is ongoing. More charges against these subjects are anticipated as well as more arrests on other subjects involved with these individuals.
  • Jail Division:
    • Douglas County Jail Inmate Charged with a riot and obstruction. - An inmate in the Douglas County Jail has been charged with riot in a penal institution and obstruction after fighting with an officer. In the early morning hours of January 25th an officer attempted to move an inmate from the dayroom area of 2 West to a cell. Charles Clifford Kemp, who is being housed here while awaiting a court appearance, was uncooperative and began struggling with the officer. The officer was able to regain control after being pinned down by the inmate and called for assistance. Inmate Kemp has since been moved to a maximum security cell. No injuries were sustained by the officer or the inmate. Kemp appeared in Magistrate Court on Friday morning and received a $10,000 bond on his new charges.

JANUARY 24, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • Pam Gaines received the CID (Criminal Investigations Division) December employee of the month award. Sgt. Mike Howell nominated Pam for employee of the month. The nomination was based on her diligence in fingerprint identification. Pam is very diligent in her work as a fingerprint examiner at the Sheriff's Office. Pam received a fingerprint from a convenience store burglary several months ago and began trying to identify the print. She tried numerous times on AFIS and IAFIS to identify the print. After numerous attempts, she was able to identify the owner of the print. This identification was result in the arrest of at least one individual who is responsible for more than 12 burglaries statewide… WAY TO GO PAM!!!!!!!
    • Deputy Poulk attempted to stop a stolen Colorado pickup truck on Wren Circle in Austell. The vehicle did not stop and several deputies gave chase to the truck and the occupants. Deputies chased the vehicle into Cobb County and were able to get the truck stopped with a P.I.T maneuver. Two of the three occupants were arrested after a brief foot pursuit. Maya Montgomery of Decatur and Robert Stevenson were arrested but the driver has not been identified or arrested at this time. The Colorado truck was reported stolen thorough Douglasville Police Department. Stevenson was wanted for agg. Assault charges out of Atlanta at the time he was arrested. Shortly before the chase by Douglas deputies, the occupants in the truck appeared to have been involved in a burglary of a convenience store in Cobb County. Based on items found in the truck at the time of the arrest and impound, it appeared that these subject were also involved in a burglary at Pete's Store on Lee Rd. in the early morning hours of 01-23-11. During the burglary suspects entered the store with a large trash can and stole numerous packs of cigarettes and fled.
    • Suspect Darius Brooks went to the Regions Bank at 608 Thornton Rd and attempted to cash a stolen check for $958.00. The check was stolen and all of the information was changed to fit Darius. Servpro reported the checks stolen several weeks ago with Regions Bank. Darius reports that he received this check in his mailbox at his school. He said he attends U.E.I. and was expecting to be receiving a check and when he went to his mailbox it was there.
    • Motor vehicle theft cases reported in the Winston Area - During the last couple of weeks there were several entering autos and motor vehicle theft cases reported in the Winston Area. On night during this time on the Priest towing lot the owners made contact with a male who was prowling on the lot. The subject fled in a Frd Tempo with a drivout tag on it down North Baggett RD. During the week of Jan. 11-17, 2011 Villa Rica arrests Michael Adair for climbing over a fence to get to cars on an inpound lot and was caught. DCSO began follow up on Priest's and the Tempo. During this time the Ford Tempo that was being driven by Michael was located in an impound lot in Villa Rica. After identifying the car and suspect, Warrant for Adair was issued.
  • Jail Division:
    • DCSO R.E.A.C.T. Team conducts intense search of Douglas County Jail. - The R.E.A.C.T. Team began an intense search of the Douglas County Jail on January 24th. These searches are conducted on a random basis throughout the year in an effort to rid the jail of contraband for the safety of officers and inmates alike. A total of thirteen officers participated in the search which took over forty hours to complete. At the conclusion of the search, more than 800 inmates had been searched as well as their belongings and cells.
  • Special Investigations Division:
    • The Special Investigations Division arrested a Waylon Hemby on Monday January 24, 2011. Mr. Hemby was charged with Sales of Methamphetamine and Use of a Communication device to facilitate a felony. Mr. Hemby sold methamphetamine to agents during an operation in October 2010. At the time of Hemby's arrest, he was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. Hemby is scheduled to appear in magistrate court on Tuesday January 25, 2011.

JANUARY 21, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division:
    • On January 20 an elder couple from Douglas County suffering from some memory loss issues set out for a day trip to Helen Georgia to see the sights. At approximately 11:00 that morning they called family members to let them know they were on the way home, but they never arrived. By the morning of January 21 their son and daughter-in-law were very concerned about their safety. The family managed to get them on their cell phone that morning around 9:00 o'clock but when they made contact they received distressing news. The elderly couple stated they had been involved in an accident, the woman had injured her face and was bleeding and they did not know where they were. The family came to the sheriff's office to file a missing persons report and to seek our help in locating their lost parents. From 10:40 a.m. on January 21 to about 5:15 in the afternoon, the investigations division tracked the elderly couple using cell phone information and a Mattie's Call that was issued for the sheriff's office by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. Our investigators disseminated information to numerous local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to find the couple and get them the medical attention they needed. Complicating this process was the fact that the couple never stopped moving throughout the day. The first location of their cell phone was in Covington, but as the day progresses they traveled through Flovilla, Macon, Gray, Irwinton, Montrose, back to Macon, Jeffersonville, back to Montrose, Dudley and finally in Dublin where the Laurens County Sheriff's Office was able to locate them and get them to a local hospital for treatment. When they were located, both of the airbags in the vehicle had been deployed presumably at the accident that had occurred early that morning. With the help of several county sheriff's offices, several local police departments and the GBI we were able to bring this couple home safely and reunite them with their family.

JANUARY 19, 2011

  • Special Investigations Division:
    • The Special Investigations Division obtained information about a Warren Godsey. Information obtained was that Godsey was selling methamphetamine in the Thornton Rd area. A sting operation was planned where officers were able to set up a meeting with Godsey and purchase methamphetamine. Godsey was taken into custody after the transaction. Methamphetamine was recovered from his possession after arrest as well as over $1,000.00 currency and several hundred dollars in jewelry. All these items and Godsey's vehicle were seized pursuant to Georgia drug laws.
    • Charges on Godsey included:
      • Sales of methamphetamine
      • Use of a communication device to facilitate a felony
      • Possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute
      • Possession of marijuana

JANUARY 14, 2011

  • Special Investigations Division:
    • On Friday January 14, 2011 John Valentine was indicted by a Douglas County Grand Jury for trafficking Heroin and possession with intent to distribute Oxycodone. Valentines arrest occurred back in October of 2010. The Sheriffs office Special Investigations Division received information that Valentine and another subject were involved in a drug transaction at a local business. During the Investigation Agents recovered over 5 grams of suspected Heroin and several Oxycodone pills. This was the first Trafficking Heroin case in Douglas County in Several years.
    • On Friday January 14, 2011 the Special Investigations Division arrested a male subject from Atlanta by the name of Rodney Henderson for 30 counts of Forgery. Mr. Henderson was forging documents stating that people who were sentenced to community service were completing the court ordered time at Good Shepherd Therapeutic center working with animals. Mr. Henderson was taking $1.00 per hour of community service needed then signing off that the work had been completed. Undercover officers received the information about this scam and were able to set up a meeting with Mr. Henderson. He appeared before the local Magistrate Monday morning and received a $77,500.00 bond on these charges.

JANUARY 1, 2011

  • Jail Division:
    • Correct Health, a contracted medical company, now handles all inmate medical issues. - As of midnight December 31, 2010, the Douglas County Jail turned over its reigns of the medical department. Correct Health, a contracted medical company, now handles all inmate medical issues. As the Douglas County inmate population continues to grow, the need for 24hr medical service has become imperative. Our current inmate population remains consistently above 800 inmates and as of today, we are housing almost 100 inmates more than we housed on this date last year. Correct Health now handles every aspect of inmate healthcare. Part of their transition process was to review medical charts and re-evaluate the medical status of every inmate housed at the Douglas County Jail. Correct Health's Doctors and Nurse Practitioners have already physically assessed over two hundred inmates. Their Mental Health providers re-assessed over eighty inmates as of early last week. These numbers are in addition to the countless inmate contacts by their Nursing Staff during the dispensing of medications, and evaluations upon intake. Our Medical unit is now running a very efficient and professional department and we are pleased with the services rendered thus far. Our Jail supervisors are excited and relieved to relinquish any and all medical related decisions to the staff of Correct Health. We look forward to a long working relationship and are grateful for the opportunity to outsource this component of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department.

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