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March 30, 2012

  • Inmate Work Detail
    • Last week Outside Inmate Work Detail cut down and cleaned up 6 dead trees at Boundary Waters Park to eliminate the danger of them falling on park visitors.

    • On Monday 03-26-12 Outside Inmate Work Detail helped Douglasville City Parks lay 18 pallets of sod at Hunter Park.
  • Jail Division
    • On March 25th, two inmates had an argument over who would change the television channel. The verbal argument, turned into a physical confrontation when Qrince Collier decided that he'd heard enough. Collier struck the other inmate at least four times before both inmates fell to the floor during the struggle. The inmates were separated and Collier received an additional charge for assaulting the other inmate.
    • Qrince Collier

    • Officers also learned of another fight this week when an anonymous inmate wrote a letter to Lt. Whisenhunt. Leutinent Whisenhunt was able to review video from the jail cameras and saw where two inmates attacked another inmate for staring at them. Inmates Octavius Myers and Quantavious Partridge approached the victim and while Myers spoke to him, Partridge struck him in the face two to three times. Both attackers struck the inmate a number of times before the fight ended. Both attackers received a new felony charge.

      Octavius Myers                                    Quantavious Partridge  

March 29, 2012

  • Another Scam:
    • We were notified today about another scam being tried on our citizens. The targeted victim reports she was contacted by a person claiming to be a D.E.A. agent from California. This person told our victim that she must wire $5000.00 to them because they had a warrant for a crime that is alleged to have occurred 10 years ago. The phone number the scammer called from is 510-725-4005. If you receive a phone call from anyone telling you to wire money to pay a fine or avoid arrest don't do it until you have contacted your local law enforcement agency. The Drug Enforcement Administration does not make arrests over the telephone. If they really have a warrant, a local agent will show up and talk to you in person.

      Click the link below to read more information on this story.

March 28, 2012

  • Special Investigation Division
    • On March 27, 2012 Governor Deal signed into Law SB 370 "Chase's Law". This legislation makes the possession and or sale of synthetic marijuana illegal in the state of Georgia. The previous legislation made certain chemicals illegal which were contained in synthetic marijuana. Manufacturers of the products were able to circumvent the law by changing the chemical make up of the different types of synthetic marijuana which was available on the market. This change in the law prevents this from happening in the future. A link to the bill is listed below.

      Any businesses that are selling these products at this time should make themselves familiar with the law and properly dispose of all types of synthetic marijuana or their by products immediately. If needed you may contact the Sheriffs Office Special Investigations Division and turn over the products to be destroyed according to Sheriff's Office policy. Enforcement action will take place at businesses that do not comply.

    March 23, 2012

    • Special Investigation Division
      • The Sheriffs office Special Investigation Division arrested 11 people over the course of the past few days who were operating a drug distribution ring in Douglas County and Metro Atlanta. The investigation started approximately six months ago after agents received a tip about possible drug sales occurring in the county. Sheriff's investigators moved on the information and discovered a group of individuals selling marijuana and cocaine to numerous people in the community. Agents were able to identify five of these people (Michael McDonald, Sheila Williams, David Summerour, Patrick Ringley and Damion Clark) as local distributors operating in the county. Each of these individuals were found to be purchasing drugs and moving them to other sources in the county. The main source of the drug distribution was identified as a Michael McDonald. Mr. McDonald has been connected to well over 50 drug transactions in our area during this time frame. It is also suspected that McDonald has been operating in the community for an extended period of time. Several of the people who McDonald was selling to were turning around and selling to other people in the community. Over the course of the investigation agents were able to identify the source of a majority of the drugs coming from a residence in Dekalb County. A Dewan Marlow was taken into custody after agents executed a search warrant at his residence in Dekalb County. Agents were able to recover a couple of pounds of marijuana and several firearms. Agents also executed a search warrant at the residence where McDonald and Williams lived in Douglas County. A trafficking amount of cocaine, half a pound of marijuana and ecstasy (MDMA) was recovered along with a firearm. Other individuals were also taken into custody based on their involvement in the overall investigation. Those arrested appeared before the local magistrate this morning. More arrests are pending.

        Anyone who may have additional information concerning this group of individuals is encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Office Special Investigations Division.

      March 22, 2012

      • Uniform Traffic Division
        • The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has been awarded the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Agency Hero Award! This award is given for making more DUI arrests than any other agency of our size in 2011. This is the fifth time that Douglas County has won this award! The Douglas County Sheriff's Office will continue to aggressively pursue impaired drivers to keep our roadways and families safe from these dangerous criminals. We would also like to remind everyone that keeping our roads safe is a team effort. If you see any unsafe acts of driving, please dial 9-1-1 to report them. Your call may end up saving a life! As always, be sure to slow down, buckle up and drive sober!
      • F.I.N.D. Unit
        • During the week of March 12-16, 2012 members of the F.I.N.D. Unit attended the National Interdiction Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This event was attended by Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement agencies from all over the United States and Canada. At the end of the conference there was an award ceremony recognizing officers for their work during the calendar year of 2011. Deputy Ryan Cadwell was awarded for the largest currency Seizure of just over 1.1 MILLION dollars in April 2011. Also the F.I.N.D. Unit was named the Interdiction TEAM of the year for 2011 by the National Criminal Enforcement Association.

      March 20, 2012

      • Inmate Work Detail Division
        • Inmate Work Detail helping City of Douglasville laying new sod beside side-walk on Church Street

      March 16, 2012

      • Jail Division
        • On March 14, 2012, a verbal altercation between two inmates turned into a physical confrontation. James Terrell Jr., who was currently in jail for violation of probation, attacked the other inmate as he exited his cell. Terrell struck the inmate in the face and then bit the other man on the neck during the fight. Terrell was charged with riot in a penal institution and will appear before the Magistrate Judge on Monday morning.

      March 14, 2012

      • Congratulations Chaplain Della
        • On March 10, 2012, our very own Chaplain Della was presented with the Community Service Award for 2011. This award was presented by Douglasville Seventh Day Adventist Church.

      March 12, 2012

      • Jail Division
        • On March 3, 2012, an inmate was attacked on the first floor of the Douglas County Jail over an alleged theft. Mario Thornton suspected his roommate of stealing items from his property box and took matters into his own hands. Thornton approached his roommate, who was eating at the dayroom table, from the rear and struck him in the side of the head, knocking him to the floor. Thornton continued to strike the victim until he was unconscious and then walked back into his cell. Officers responded to the dorm and moved the victim to medical, where he was transported to Douglas Wellstar. The victim received stitches to his lip and suffered a contusion below his eye. Thornton was removed from the cellblock and charged for the assault.

      March 8, 2012

      • F.I.N.D. Unit
        • On Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 members of the F.I.N.D. Unit made a traffic stop on I-20 East bound near Brightstar Road. A K-9 alerted on the car and a search revealed over 7 oz of Marijuana. Bennie Glenn Jr (41 yoa) was arrested w/o incident. Investigation revealed the Marijuana was picked up out of State and was being delivered to the Metro Atlanta area.

      March 7, 2012

      • Inmate Work Detail
        • Inmate Work Detail built a pavillon at Woodrow Wilson Park for Douglas County Parks and Recreation.

      March 6, 2012

      • F.I.N.D. Unit
        • On March 5th, 2012 members of the F.I.N.D. Unit made a traffic stop on I-20 near the Carroll County line. Consent to search was given and a back pack containing 6 lbs of Marijuana was found in the back seat. Jamal Blakely of Baconton, Georgia was arrested w/o incident. Bradford Ellis of Tuscaloosa, Alabama resisted arrest and tried to flee on foot. A short struggle with officers ensued and Ellis had to be tased before he could be taken into custody. The vehicle was impounded and approximately $700 was seized.

      March 5, 2012

      March 2, 2012

      • Jail Division
        • On Tuesday, February 27th, officers escorted inmate Gabrielle Begay to the shower area. Instead of taking a shower, Begay simply stood at the door and continued to beat on it. When officers returned to check on her, she would not respond to their questions. When Dep. Michelle Austin attempted to escort Begay from the shower area, she pulled away and started struggling with officers. As they attempted to place her back in her cell, Begay spun around and struck Ofc. Adam Davis in the face with a closed fist. Begay received an additional felony charge for assaulting the officer.
        • Officers also had multiple encounters with another inmate, Victor Thaxton. Thaxton, who has been in the Douglas County Jail previously, has had numerous violent encounters with law enforcement. Since being booked in on February 23rd, Thaxton has assaulted two guards on two separate occasions. In both cases guards were getting him ready to be transported to court. Thaxton would appear cooperative and would wait until the guards got close to strike. On February 24th, Sgt. Merrell attempted to place waist chains on Thaxton prior to being transported to court. As he approached Thaxton, Sgt. Merrell was struck in the side of the face. On February 28th, Thaxton struck Ofc. Jeff Garrison in the face while being moved to court. Thaxton has received two additional felony charges since being arrested.

      March 1, 2012

      • Message from the Sheriff
        • Sheriff Miller wants to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes he has received on his recent surgery. He wants everyone to know that the procedure went very well and that, after a few days in the hospital, he will be able to come home and begin his healing process. His doctors estimate a six week recovery time and he looks forward to returning to work more than ever. Thank you and God Bless.

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