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AUGUST 31, 2011

  • Douglas County Sheriff's Office invited by the United States Secret Service to attend class in Washington D.C.
    • The Douglas County Sheriff's Office was the only agency in Georgia invited to the August 22nd through August 26th class in Washington D.C. Major Tommy Wheeler was selected to participate in the class. The Secret Service paid for meals, lodging, and travel, so, money expended by the Sheriff's Office is refunded by the Secret Service. The purpose of the class was to instruct officers in the procedures undertaken by the Secret Service when protecting diplomats or other people. Because of the upcoming election year, this class was an important step in preparing agencies to assist the Secret Service. Because the Secret Service is a relatively small organization, law enforcement agencies are often requested to assist on a temporary basis. This particular class was attended by personnel from Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, California, and New York. The Chief of Security for the United Nations was also a student. The Sheriff's Office has enjoyed a good working relationship with the Secret Service for many years and expects this close relationship to continue. The Secret Service has assisted Douglas County, often, on counterfeiting, identity theft, and computer crimes cases.
  • Explorer Program
    • APD HelicopterYoung adults involved with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Explorer Program, sponsored by Sheriff Phil Miller, spent time on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 with members of the Atlanta Police Department. The first visit was from two officers in their helicopter that are from the APD Aviation Division. Officers T. Mulkey and M. Flisser allowed the group to look over the aircraft and then spent time explaining how they use the helicopter in law enforcement. Officer Mulkey took time to explain the importance of continuing education like attending a good college in the ever changing world of law enforcement. The Explorers then had a visit from Deputy Chief Calvin Moss who is the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Unit for the Atlanta Police Department. Chief Moss also spoke to the Explorers of the importance of continuing education past high school.
    • For those not familiar with the Explorer unit, it is a group that is made up primarily of high school students from around the county that are interested in a career in law enforcement. These young adults attend regular meetings at the Sheriff's Office in which they learn about various areas of the law enforcement profession. They often assist the Sheriff's Office in events like the July 4th parade and September Saturdays activities. They even compete in various law enforcement / Explorer competitions. The Sheriff's Office sponsors this group and they are lead by several employees of the Sheriff's Office including Sgt. Elmer Horn, Investigator Dale Kelley and Investigator Cindy West.
  • Special Investigations Division
    • The Special Investigations Division (SID) arrested a Debbie Alexander for violations of the Georgia Controlled substance act. Ms. Alexander was involved with individuals selling methamphetamine in Douglas County, Georgia. During the month of August, Ms. Alexander and another subject sold methamphetamine to undercover officers working with the Sheriff's Office. Alexander also had an active warrant for possession of methamphetamine and drug related objects from a previous incident with the Special Investigations Division. Ms. Alexander was turned over to the Douglas County Jail and appeared before the local magistrate on August 30, 2011.
      • Charges on Alexander:
        • Sales of methamphetamine
        • Possession of methamphetamine
        • Possession of drug related objects
    • The Special Investigations Division (SID) arrested a Christopher Flores for violations of the Georgia Controlled substance act. Information was received in July that Mr. Flores was selling methamphetamine in Lithia Springs, Georgia. During the month of August, Mr. Flores sold methamphetamine on two occasions to undercover officers working with the Sheriff's Office (SID). Mr. Flores was taken into custody at his residence and was turned over to the Douglas County Jail. He appeared before the local magistrate on August 30, 2011.
      • Charges on Flores:
        • Sales of methamphetamine 2 counts
        • Use of a communication device to facilitate a felony

Road PavingAUGUST 30, 2011

  • Inmate Work Program
    • Inmates assisted Douglas County Road Dept. in paving areas of Dorsett Shoals and Yeager Road.

AUGUST 29, 2011

  • Court Division
    • As you will recall a couple of weeks ago, we reported a new record of 52 inmates to Magistrate Court for Bond Hearings. Today, Magistrate Court received 56 inmates for bond hearings. This appears to be a new "norm" so there will not be any further reports of inmate numbers for bonds.
  • Special Investigations Division
    • The Special Investigations Division arrested a Leann Cowins for Violations of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act. Information was received in early August that Mrs. Cowins was possibly selling illegal narcotics. Agents were able to arrange a meeting with Cowins where officers were able to purchase morphine on two separate occasions. At the time of her arrest, Cowins possessed several morphine tablets. She was turned over to the Douglas County Jail where she was scheduled to appear before the magistrate today.
      • Charges on Cowins:
        • Sales of Morphine – 2 counts
        • Possession of morphine with intent to distribute
        • Use of communication device to facilitate a felony
  • Patrol Division: C-Team - Train hits vehicle stuck on railroad tracks.
    • Sunday morning (August 28th) around 04:30 am, an elderly female left the roadway on Highway 78 at Michael Drive. Her vehicle ended up stuck on the railroad tracks. She was able to exit her 2003 Buick Regal and call 911. Notifications were made to the railroad about the vehicle on the tracks but a train was already approaching. Deputies cleared the area and the train hit the vehicle totaling the vehicle. No one was injured and no charges filed.
  • Training Division
    • The Douglas County Sheriff's Office will start our 15th Citizens Law Enforcement Academy (CLEA) this Thursday night September 1st, 2011. This class is one night a week and last for 12 weeks. This is a program for the citizens of Douglas County and the goal is to give the student an insight into the duties and responsibilities of our deputies. To apply for CLEA, click here to download the pdf file of the application.
  • Fugitive Division
    • The Fugitive Division arrested a number of subjects on probation violation last week as well as arresting a subject who was wanted on warrants for false statements and fraud. These two warrants were taken out by the Georgia Department of Labor on, Scorey Allison, for trying to obtain unentitled benefits.
    • These were in addition to a Monday night (August 22) arrest of Anthony Biangasso, at his mother's residence, for Felony failure to appear and battery warrants. Prior to this arrest, the Fugitive Unit had received information that Mr. Biangasso was also going to be charged by Atlanta Police Department with Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery for an incident involving the beating of an Atlanta attorney.

AUGUST 26, 2011

  • Criminal Investigations Division - Persons of Interest related to Buck's Pawn Shop Attempted Burglary
    • On 08-24-11, these three subjects entered Buck's Pawn on Maxham Road. Due to an incident that occurred later in the evening, these individuals may have information regarding this incident. We are needing to identify the three individuals that walk in together, there is a heavyselt black male, a taller thinner black male and what appears to be a shorter hispanic male. We need to identify and speak with these individuals as they may have pertinent information. Please contact Inv. Dale Kelley at 770-920-4903 or Sgt. Mike Howell at 770-920-4915.
  • School Resource Division
    • On Tuesday August 23rd, 2011, Deputy Laura Bowen, the School Resource Officer at Chapel Hill Middle School, received information that a student at New Manchester High School was in possession of a firearm at New Manchester High School. Deputy Bowen's initial information was only a physical description of the student and a possible bus number. Deputy Bowen worked to continue to develop information and then relayed the information that she received to investigators with the Sheriff's Office that responded to New Manchester High School. Within an hour the investigators had identified the student and recovered a .38 caliber handgun from his belongings. The 15 year old juvenile was arrested for various charges.
    • The following Sheriff's Office personnel were instrumental in making this investigation a quick success: Deputy Laura Bowen, Deputy Tina Medlin, Deputy Cam Brooks, Sgt. Charlie Mitchell, Sgt. Jesse Hambrick, Investigator Shay Brooks, Investigator Trent Wilson, Investigator Matt Gray, Investigator Chris Ernst, and Investigator Cindy West. The Sheriff's Office would also like the thank members of the Douglas County School System for their quick response in this matter.
  • Patrol Division
    • On Sunday, August 28, 2011 between 08:30 a.m. and 09:00 a.m., I-20 traffic will be slowed to a brief stop to allow a power line to be taken across the interstate in the area of I-20 and Lee Road. It will consist of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office pacing traffic around Highway 92 East bound and I-20 West bound around Thornton Road. They will gradually slow traffic to a stop to pull the cable across the Interstate. The project should only take a few minutes. The work will be conducted by Georgia Power and Traffic Specialties.
  • Fugitive Division
    • On Monday, August 22, 2011, the Fugitive Unit along with the K-9 Unit apprehended Anthony Rocco Biangasso at 9144 Highway 166, Winston, Georgia. Biangasso had warrants out of Douglas County for Felony Failure to Appear and Misdemeanor Battery. He also had warrants out of the City of Atlanta for Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, and Decatur for Simply Assault.
  • Jail Division
    • Two subjects were arrested Wednesday night in the Visitation parking lot at the Douglas County Jail. Deputy M. Lyon first became suspicious of Jeffrey Gibson, a 40 year old white male, when he came to visitation showing signs of being under the influence of drugs. Dep. R. Cadwell was asked to assist and responded to the jail with his K-9 Boogie. Dep. Cadwell had Boogie check a black Mitsubishi 3000 GT belonging to Mr. Gibson in the parking lot. Boogie alerted on the vehicle and Dep. Cadwell ultimately recovered a marijuana pipe, a bag of marijuana, and some possible methamphetamine residue. Mr. Gibson and his passenger, 18 year old Ciera Dickson, were placed under arrest at that time.

    Jeffrey Gibson   Ciera Dickson

AUGUST 25, 2011

  • Dangerous Teen Trends Seminar - September 16, 2011
    • Tanner Medical Center / Villa Rica will be hosting a Dangerous Teen Trends Seminar on September 16, 2011 from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm at the Education & Conference Center (Classrooms A & B) located at 605 Dallas Highway, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180. The cost for the seminar is $40 per person through the early-bird deadline of September 9, 2011. Seating is limited. Registration is first come, first serve. Register and pay by credit card online through September 9th at The cost of the seminar increases to $50 on September 10th. To register by phone or pay by check, call Megan Thompson at 770-456-3342. Jesse Hambrick, a sergeant with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, will be teaching this seminar. Click here to download the flyer (pdf file).
  • Special Investigations Division
    • The Special Investigations Division arrested Corei Hardnett on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 for Violations of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act. Over the course of the past several months, investigators had received information that Hardnett was selling cocaine on Thornton Road. Agents were able to take Hardnett into custody after arranging the sale of cocaine to undercover officers. At the time of Hardnett's arrest, he was found to be in possession of cocaine and over a half pound of marijuana. Hardnett was turned over to the Douglas County Jail and was expected to appear before the magistrate on Wednesday, August 24, 2011.
      • Charges on Hardnett:
        • Criminal attempt to Sale Cocaine Possession with intent to distribute cocaine
        • Possession with intent to distribute marijuana
        • Use of a communication device to facilitate a felony - 2 counts

AUGUST 24, 2011

  • Aaron RoddyJail Division
    • On August 23rd, while conducting a search of the West Yard, Officer Aaron Roddy recovered a cell phone from the storm drain. After some investigation, it was determined that the cell phone belonged to inmate Daniel Ireland. Inmate Ireland later admitted to having the phone and dumping it in the drain when he thought he was about to be caught with it. Ireland received a new felony charge for being in possession of a telecommunications device which is a prohibited item in the jails or prisons.
    • keith hayesDeputy Keith Hayes also made an important discovery when he found this shank in the stairwell. Deputy Hayes, along with some other officers, were in the process of searching the 2nd floor. Over 120 inmates were moved to the yard during the search and one of them discarded the weapon to avoid being caught with it. At this time, we have been unable to determine who the weapon belonged to.

      recovered shank

  • Patrol Division - C-Team Traffic Stop Leads to Arrests
    • Deputy Christian stopped a black Lincoln Navigator SUV for a traffic/equipment violation on Old Alabama Road at the Douglas-Cobb County line. The driver was advised why he was stopped and was asked for his driver's license in which he did not have on him. When asked for his name and date of birth, he became very nervous. Dep. Christian found out that the vehicle had been stopped before by Douglas County Deputies and was being driven by Alejandro Roberto. Dep. Christian was able to look up a booking photo on his car computer and found that he had Mr. Roberto stopped. Mr. Roberto had given Dep. Christian a false name and date of birth. Mr. Roberto had warrants through Douglas County. He was taken into custody and as a courtesy we called someone to pick up his SUV. When that subject arrived to pick up the SUV, he did not have his driver's license with him. When asked his name and date of birth, his age did not match the date of birth given. After another brief investigation, he told his real name (Christopher Span). Mr. Span was taken into custody for giving a false name. Mr. Span thought he had warrants in Paulding County, but actually had none.
  • Inmate Work Program
    • Inmates assisted the Douglas County Parks and Recreaction Department in repairing a broken water line at Bill Arp park.

    bill arp park water line repair   bill arp park water line repair

    • Inmates helped unload trucks of food for the Good Samaritan Center.

    good samaritan center   good samaritan center

AUGUST 23, 2011
  • Jail Division
    • Gabrielle Begay On August 17th, 2011, Gabrielle Begay (21 year old, black female) was arrested for fighting. Begay was released on the morning of August 19th at approximately 9:00 am. At approximately 10:00 am, persons came into the lobby of the jail and informed the staff that there was a female in the parking lot attempting to enter vehicles. Sgt. Thomas Puckett and Sgt. Dwight Bell responded to the parking lot and located Begay walking among vehicles owned by Sheriff's Office employees. Begay denied any wrongdoing and was advised to leave the parking lot. An employee from Hudson's BBQ stopped in front of the jail and told Sgt. Puckett that he caught Begay removing items from his vehicle. Upon further investigation, witnesses were located that saw Begay entering and trying to enter cars in the parking lots at Hudson's BBQ, J & T Tire and the Sheriff's Office. Begay was taken into custody and returned to the jail that she had just bonded out of. Begay was charged with Entering Auto and Criminal Attempt. Thank you to the witnesses that came forward and let this also be a tip to others. It is not a wise decision to break into cars in the parking lot of the jail you were just released from.
  • Court Division
    • Bailiff Linda Spriggs passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Linda was a well loved member of the courthouse staff. She was a good Christian woman who had a smile and a friendly greeting for everyone. Linda spent many years of service to the citizens of Douglas County as a well respected school teacher before becoming a Bailiff in retirement. Linda will be missed and we all mourn her passing and pray for her family.
  • Training Division
    • North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy is holding an "Advanced Firearms" class at our outdoor range this week. This class is one of several classes that is needed for the advanced certification for officers. Douglas County Sheriff's Office instructors teach sections of this class.
  • Inmate Work Program
    • Inmates cleaned up debris for the City of Douglasville at the explosion site of Laura Manor Townhouses on Dorsett Street.

    Laura Townhomes    Laura Townhomes

AUGUST 22, 2011
  • Court Division
    • The Juvenile Court has announced that there will be NO after hours truancy court this school season. Every year truancy court has held session once a month during the day at 13:30 and once at night at 18:30. This school year the court will only be held during the day time hour of 13:30 once a month.
  • Fugitive Division
    • The Fugitive Division had 19 arrests last week in addition to several out of state arrests. One of the arrests here in Douglas County came after a homeowner confronted one of our wanted persons and detained him until DCSO arrived on the scene. The out of state arrests included:
      • Edward Ali Shabazz - arrested in Jackson County, Florida for:
        • Two counts of Forgery 1st degree
        • Two counts of Theft by Deception
      • Altovis Vanderrick Brewster - arrested in Gadsen, Alabama for:
        • Violation of Probation
      • Lenny Carvis Glover - arrested in Anniston, Alabama for:
        • Violation of Probation
      • Jerry Wayne Thomas - arrested in Selma, Alabama for:
        • Failure to Appear
J QueenAUGUST 19, 2011
  • Jail Division
    • This week the inmate population at the Douglas County Jail climbed to 880. The Bookin staff worked diligently to process in new inmates, while continuing to process releases and prepares inmates for transfer to the state system. Between August 12th and 17th, 191 inmates were booked into the jail and 197 were booked out.
    • william taylorThe Douglas County Jail would like to welcome their newest jailer, William Taylor. Taylor grew up in Douglas County and graduated from Douglas County High School in 2002. He was sworn in by Sheriff Miller this afternoon and will be working on Lt. Pounds' shift as he undergoes training.
AUGUST 18, 2011
  • FBI Child ID - New App for the iPhone
    • Now there's a free new tool from the FBI that can help. This is the first mobile application created by the FBI. It provides a convenient place to electronically store photos and vital information about your children so that it's literally right at hand if you need it. You can show the pictures and provide physical identifiers such as height and weight to security or police officers on the spot. Using a special tab on the app, you can also quickly and easily e-mail the information to authorities with a few clicks. The app also includes tips on keeping children safe as well as specific guidance on what to do in those first few crucial hours after a child goes missing. Click here for more information.
  • Sod at 911 centerInmate Work Program
    • Inmates prepared landscape around new 911 center for laying sod.
AUGUST 17, 2011
  • Criminal Investigations Division
    • Investigators attended the Crimes against Children Conference this month.
      • Two of the Douglas County Sheriff's Crimes against Children investigators attended this annual Conference. This training is important for obtaining updated information, changes in law including discussion of case studies which are crucial in the ongoing investigations of crimes committed against children in Douglas County, Georgia. The Sheriff's Department is dedicated to ensure our investigators receive proper instruction, information and strategies they need to protect child victims and assist in prosecuting their offenders. The Sheriff's Department recognizes and appreciates the opportunity to be able to attend such events.
    • Child Molestation Case ends with a 40 do 10 sentence.
      • In January 2011, suspect Harris Swafford was arrested and charged with Child Molestation. The investigation led to the confession of the crime by Swafford and a recent conviction. On 08-16-11, Swafford pled guilty to his charges and received a sentence of 40 years to serve 10.
  • Court Division
    • Retired Superior Court Judge Donald B. Howe will make an appearance and hold a special set Civil Court on Friday August 19th. His court will be held on the 4th floor in Courtroom 4.
AUGUST 16, 2011
  • Court Division
    • Today, Assistant District Attorney Jeff Ballew announced that the 14 year old accused of killing his great-grandmother and attacking his grandmother with a sword will be tried as an adult.
    • Yesterday (08/15/11), the Magistrate Court reported a new record for Bond Hearings. The clerks reported that a total of 52 persons were arraigned before Judge Susan Camp for Bond Hearings. This was a new high for those arrested within a 72 hour period.
AUGUST 15, 2011
  • Training Division
    • DCSO's Public Handgun Clinic was held last Tuesday night. This class offers citizens and business owners of Douglas County the opportunity to learn about Georgia gun laws and instructions on basic shooting skills using a revolver or semi auto pistol. This class is offered every first Tuesday of the month. Click here to fill out the application for the class on our website.

    handgun training  handgun training

  • Fugitive Division
    • The Fugitive Division was busy this past week with a total of 21 arrests and 50 attempted arrests. Two subjects were arrested for the offense of aggravated stalking - Wesley Belcher (37 years old) and Thomas Johnson (25 years old). The two cases were not related.
  • Mark your calendars for September Saturdays Festival
    • Saturday, September 17th: Heroes Day + Touch-a-Truck Experience
    • Saturday, September 24th: Family Day + Children's Safety Fair
    • Held on the grounds of the Douglas County Courthouse - 8700 Hospital Dr., Douglasville, GA 30134
    • 100+ Vendors, Exhibits, Rides & Inflatable Games, Food Court, Concerts, Movies, & Fun
    • Click here to download flyer (pdf file).
  • Patrol C Team - Saturday Morning approx. 5:30 am - Early Morning Vehicle Chase
    • Deputy Wood entered I-20 west bound from Highway 6 behind a silver Nissan Maxima. As they entered onto I-20, the Maxima accelerated to speeds well over 100 mph. Deputy Wood activated blue lights and siren behind the vehicle in which it failed to stop. About 1 mile into the chase still on I-20, Deputy Christian deployed Stinger spike strips puncturing 3 tires on the suspect's vehicle. With 3 tires loosening air slowly, the chase speed went down to 80 mph. As the chase approached Highway 92, the suspect's vehicle went abruptly to the right and hit the guard rail on the Highway 92 exit ramp which brought the suspect's vehicle to a stop. Deputy Wood took the suspect into custody without further incident. The suspect, Marcos Antonio Ortiz, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, no driver's license, speeding and fleeing police.
  • Crime Suppression Unit - A Concerned Citizen Leads to Arrest
    • On 08-13-11 at around 12:30 am, Sgt. Rodney Houston of the Crime Suppression Unit and Dep. David Whitehead of the F.I.N.D. Unit were parked on the side of the road in an unmarked Sheriff's Office vehicle. They had the emergency flashers on while investigating some suspicious activity. A concerned citizen pulled up behind them to see if they needed any help. After the citizen realized the two were deputies, he tried to hide what was in his right hand. After being confronted about what he was holding, the male threw down a baggie which contained methamphetamine. The male was taken into custody. Dep. Whitehead also recovered another bag of methamphetamine on the male along with needles. Willard Bixby III was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug related objects.
  • Special Investigations Division - Legislation related to K2 and synthetic forms of marijuana
    • The Special Investigations Division is currently checking stores county wide for compliance with legislation passed in May 2010 (16-13-25) making K2 and other synthetic forms of marijuana illegal. There are many chemicals and chemical combinations in these products. As chemicals become included in the list of illegal compounds, producers of these products attempt to get around the new law by creating different isomers thus producing compounds they say are not illegal. The Special Investigations Division saw this in the past with GHB. Producers found a way to change compounds and created GLB. Samples have been purchased and sent to the G.B.I. crime lab for analysis. Some of the common side effects can be vomiting, pale skin, dizziness, elevated heart rate and blood pressure. In 2006-2007, Investigators found one of the most widley found products went by the name of Spice and was marketed as potpourri or incense. Other names are Zombie Killa which teens have told us creates a very relaxed feeling. Head Trip, Cloud 10, Sexy, and Triple X which create strange sensations including a shaky feeling. On 08-10-11, Investigators spoke with a young boy who stated he had used Triple X and had become very ill and had vomited several times. One of the problems with the herbal ingredients is the pesticides that have been found on the herbs. Many of these pesticides can cause severe reactions such as seizures and serious heart related symptoms. The Special Investigations Division strongly urges parents to speak with their children about the use of these "fake marijuana" products. Please get on the internet and go to websites like Partners for a Drug Free America, etc. The Sherriff's Office also wants to remind business owners, it is their responsibilty to know what products are not legal to sell in their stores and to check their merchandise and make sure they are not selling products that contain the listed chemicals. A list of all chemicals in synthetic marijuana products banned in Georgia is listed on the internet under GA Code 16-13-25.
AUGUST 12, 2011
  • Patrol Division / K-9 Unit
    • During the first week of October, Sheriff Phil Miller and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office will be hosting the 2011 North American Police Work Dog Association Georgia State Workshop here in Douglas County. Over 100 K-9 Teams are expected to be in attendance from all across Georgia and the Southeast. Certifications will be offered in Narcotics, Explosives, Cadaver, Tracking/Trailing and Utility (Apprehension) and will be handled by NAPWDA Master Trainers from across the United States. If you would like more information about this event, please contact Lt. Michael Barnhill at 678-486-1220 or by e-mail at
  • June Employee of the Month - Inv. Trent Wilson
    • Congratulations to Investigator Trent Wilson. He was selected as the Sheriff's Office employee of the month for June, 2011. Trent responded to a domestic call where a juvenile was in possession of a sword and was trying to get the deputies to shoot him. The juvenile had already inflicted some injury to his grandmother. Trent was able to talk the juvenile into surrendering the sword without drastic actions. Good work, Trent.
  • Inmate Work Program
    • Inmates picked up trash and cut the grass on I-20 in spots for Douglas County traffic units.
    • Inmates washed and maintained lawn equipment.
    I-20 trash pickup  Lawn Equipment Cleaning
AUGUST 11, 2011
  • Criminal Investigations Division - Hit and Run Driver identified and arrested.
    • On 08-09-11, a report of a hit and run was received which occurred near 4178 Kings Hwy. in Douglasville, Georgia. The driver was traveling on Kings Hwy. when the car struck a 15 year old male pedestrian. The driver failed to stop after hitting the child, left the scene and failed to return to render any aid. The victim was found injured by a witness, EMS responded and victim was transported to Atlanta Medical Center by Life Flight where he was treated for his injuries. Investigators followed up on leads and on 08-10-11, we learned that the vehicle, a 2011 Toyota Rav 4, was towed to a local body shop for repair. Staff at the body shop were immediately suspicious of the damage and were concerned with the claim from the owner that the damage was from striking a deer. The body shop staff contacted law enforcement inquiring about hit and run reports. The car owner was located and the driver of the vehicle was identified as Nicholas Turner, 20 years old from Douglasville. The driver, Turner was traveling on Kings Hwy., struck the pedestrian, failed to stop and render any aid, left the scene and then reported to family he struck a deer. Turner was taken into custody on 08-11-11 at his home in Douglasville and will be charged with several offenses including hit and run, failure to render aid and leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Major Crimes Unit - Home Invasion at Plantation Estates Mobile Home Park
    • On early Wednesday morning just shortly after midnight, Douglas County 911 Operators took a call of an armed robbery in progress at a trailer located in the Plantation Estates Mobile Home Park. Three masked men forced open the door to the residence and tied up some of the residents inside. The men were armed with a rifle, pistol, and pry tool. The suspects ransacked the residence while searching for money and other valuables. Due to the rapid response from patrol deputies, we were able to surround the residence while the suspects were still in the midst of committing the crime. Two of the three suspects surrendered while the third suspect jumped from a bathroom window. He was apprehended around daybreak at his residence in Lithia Springs. The setup person and getaway driver was identified as Brittney Johnson, a 25 year old white female from Austell, Georgia. Brittney turned herself in to the Sheriff's Office around 9:00 am Wednesday morning. All responsible parties for this crime are currently in custody. Bond hearings are today at 9:00 AM.

      Plantation Estates Mobile Home Park

AUGUST 10, 2011
  • Criminal Investigations Division
    • On August 8, 2011, there was an entering auto report made on Fox Den Dr. One of the items taken was a specific type of cell phone. The victim of the cell phone theft was able to locate Bryson Hope and Christopher McKinney with the phone. The victim was able to get the two to give the phone back. Also, he was able to get the two boys identified and got the information to investigators. Bryson came to the Sheriff's Office and was interviewed. Through further investigation into these two, investigators learned that they refer to themselves as "The Street Mob". Inv. Ayers investigated a burglary that occurred in the same area over the recent past. Ayers had already identified Bryson Hope in at least one of those burglaries and had an active warrant for Hope for this burglary. Bryson Hope and Christopher McKinney were both arrested.
  • Criminal Investigations Division - Investigation ends with a guilty plea.
    • An incident occurred in 2010 where Phillip Schuber was operating a vehicle that struck another, seriously injuring the driver and causing the death of the passenger. Investigators worked numerous hours on this case and worked with the assistant District Attorney to put together a case that led to a guilty plea. On 08-03-11, Phillip Schuber pled guilty to charges including Vehicular Homicide and Serious Injury by Vehicle and received a 30 to serve 7 year sentence.
AUGUST 9, 2011
  • CTS Douglas County JailJail Division
    • Members of the Douglas County Jail are currently hard at work transitioning to new jail management software. This jail management software is part of a package developed by CTS America and will be replacing Sheriff Dialog, our current software. The Jail will be the first division to transition to this software and will be working closely with CTS to ensure that it is done as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Once in place, the new software will greatly improve information sharing between departments at the Sheriff's Office as well as the Courthouse. Numerous other agencies across the United States are already using CTS, including the Georgia State Patrol; however, we are the first Sheriff's Office in Georgia to adopt it.
  • Patrol Division Troop C
    • Mann Road at the Corn Crib Store
      • While patrolling the Corn Crib Store on Mann Road just after midnight, Deputy Recruit Atkins along with veteran Deputy Sprayberry stopped to check a white Ford Expedition that was in the parking lot which contained two occupants. The driver was wanted by the Atlanta Police Department for burglary. Deputy Tolbert arrived on the scene with K-9 Hero. The K-9 was deployed and showed a positive alert to the odor of narcotics. During the search of the vehicle, seven hits of crack cocaine were recovered from the inside of a cell phone that was located in the vehicle.
    • Georgia Highway 92 at Flowers Drive
      • An alert citizen called the Sheriff's Office to report a theft in progress at Constant Motion Auto Care located on Georgia Highway 92 at Flowers Drive. The citizen witnessed four male subjects taking the wheels off a vehicle that was in the parking lot of the Auto Care. The citizen started to approach the subjects and when they fled on foot he was able to get a vehicle description which was broadcasted over DCSO's radio. Deputy Tolbert stopped the lookout vehicle on Georgia Highway 92 just south of the Auto Care. When the suspect's vehicle was coming to a stop, the driver threw a bag of marijuana out the window. After a brief interview with one of the suspects, he admitted to taking the wheels. All four suspects were taken into custody. Good job to all involved - Deputies Fields, Tolbert and Prince.
AUGUST 8, 2011
  • DCSO's Major Crimes Unit Needs YOUR Help in Catching a Serial Robber.
    • On July 20th, 2011 at 20:30 hours the Burger King on Thornton Road in Lithia Springs was robbed by a serial robber. The robber is a black male in his late teens to early 20's. He drives a small black car. We only have this photograph below of the suspect. This robber has hit a total of 19 known Burger Kings in Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Clayton, and now Douglas County since May of this year. He also has approximately 15 KFC robberies to add to his repertoire. Let's show this bad guy that Douglas County is not a place to rob our businesses. We are asking for YOUR help in identifying this suspect. Anyone with information about the identity of this perpetrator, please contact Sgt. John Sweat of the Major Crimes Unit at 770-920-4913 or 770-949-5656.
  • Serial Robber

  • Criminal Investigations Division
    • On the 3rd of August, 2011, a burglary was reported on Whisper Trail in Douglasville, Georgia. The homeowners had been out of town for five weeks and didn't detect the crime until they arrived home on the 3rd. Investigator Peter Hoberg had been working a burglary ring in which the subjects had been arrested in the act of committing a burglary on that same street several weeks earlier. Both of those burglars are currently in jail. Entry was made to this house in the exact same way as all the others, so Investigators Peter Hoberg and Clint Ayers re-interviewed the subjects in jail. One would not admit to any additional wrongdoing, but the other confessed to having broken into the house with the other subject on the very same night he was released from jail on July 19th, 2011. Both subjects were charged with the additional burglary on Whisper Trail.
  • Maintenance Division
    • Inmates assisted the Maintenance Division on two different projects on the Douglas County Sheriff's Office campus.

Air Conditioning Unit Repair  Wiring for computer racks

  • Training Division
    • Training division firearms instructors: Captain Eddie Morris, Lieutenant Brian Camp, and Sergeant Elmer Horn - attended GALEFI (Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors) August 2nd through August 5th. This is an annual conference for firearm instructors to update training techniques and cover any new legal issues and laws.
AUGUST 5, 2011
  • Special Investigations Division
    • Several subjects were taken into custody by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for Forgery and fraudulently obtaining drugs. Information was received by the Special Investigations Division that a fraudulent prescription was passed at a local pharmacy. During the investigation, it was discovered that the same prescription was passed several times by several different individuals over the course of a couple of weeks. The Doctor's office which the prescription was supposedly written from denied having the suspects as patients and information was incorrect on the prescriptions. Warrants have been issued for those implicated in the investigation. The following people were taken into custody. Warrants are still pending on several others.
      • Charges on subjects taken into Custody:
        • Ania Clark – Forgery 1st degree and Fraudulently obtaining drugs
        • Sidney Hanna – Forgery 1st degree and Fraudulently obtaining drugs
        • Christopher Turnbull – Forgery 1st degree and Fraudulently obtaining drugs
        • Mario Powell – Forgery 1st degree and Fraudulently obtaining drugs
AUGUST 4, 2011
  • School Resource Information
    • Today (Thursday, August 4th, 2011), the School Resource Officers of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office welcomed students and teachers back to school. There are a total of 28 elementary, middle and high schools whose security is the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office. There are 14 School Resource Officers that are assigned to all 10 middle and high schools. New Manchester High School and New Manchester Elementary School are brand new schools and those schools were seeing students in the halls for the first time ever on Thursday morning. Traffic is always a concern and we are always looking for new ways to help traffic move more quickly and safely as kids are being brought to and picked up from the school. Please contact Sgt. Hambrick if you have any suggestions about traffic control, school safety, or general questions about your child's school. Also, please look on DCSO's website under the school resource tab for more information about the school resource officers.
  • Major Crime Unit
    • While patrolling I-20 Officer Manwaring with the Douglasville/Douglas County F.I.N.D. unit noticed a suspicious black truck parked on the interstate adjacent to the new Douglas County Sheriff's Office construction site. Officer Manwaring took a position where he could stop the truck if it left and radioed other units. Officer Crosley and Lt. McDonald with the Douglasville Police Department arrived and observed a burgundy Ford Expedition stopping with the truck. The officers observed one person come out of the wood line and another flee into it upon their arrival. Officer Crosley and Lt. McDonald detained the two individuals still with the vehicles after seeing copper fittings and piping in the bed of the truck. Lt. McDonald then used his canine to track the individual seen running into the woods. He was as able to apprehend the subject a short time later with the assistance of his canine. Officers determined that the crew had used a large piece of construction equipment to ram a supply trailer containing copper pipes. The crew was in the process of cutting the twenty foot copper pipes down to more manageable pieces and using equipment on the job site to transport them to their vehicles. An early estimate of the damage and loss is in the neighborhood of $50,000. The three were initially charged with burglary, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, and theft by taking. The Douglasville/Douglas County Major Crime Unit is investigating the incident and further charges are expected. All three individuals admitted to investigators that they are undocumented immigrants from Mexico and were denied bond Wednesday morning by Chief Magistrate Judge Susan S. Camp.

    zaragoza  franco  muniz

  • illegal trash dump north county line roadInmate Work Program
    • Inmates picked up another illegal dump site off of North County Line Road near the Interstate 20 bridge. Please continue to keep watch for illegal trash dumping around Douglas County. If you see anything suspicious, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Office at (770) 942-2121 to report the issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
AUGUST 3, 2011
  • The Douglas County Fugitive Division assisted the United States Marshals Service "Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force" (SERFTF).
    • Romeo Diaz, who was wanted by the Hudson County (NJ) Sheriff's Office for attempted murder, robbery, and unlawful possession of a weapon (knife), was arrested on Nations Drive in Douglasville. The Douglas County Fugitive Division assisted the United States Marshals Service "Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force" (SERFTF), which Douglas County Sheriff's Office is a participating member of, in arresting Diaz. Diaz has a prior history of Assault arrests. Also arrested at the scene was Victor Manual Flores, who was wanted on Aggravated Assault and possession of a weapon charges out of Hudson County (NJ). Flores also had tattoos indicating he was a member of the street gang known as MS13. Diaz had been on the run since 2005 and Flores had been on the run since 2003. Both Diaz and Flores await an extradition hearing at the Douglas County Jail. Once Diaz and Flores satisfy their charges in New Jersey, they may also face deportation charges.
  • Romeo Diaz   Victor Manual Flores

  • Crime Suppression Unit Activity
    • On 08-03-11 at around 1 a.m. Dep. Bryland Myers of the Crime Suppression Unit stopped a pickup truck on I-20 near South Baggett Road, occupied by a female and a male driver. After further investigation, Dep. Myers called for another unit, Officer Ashley Sanders of the F.I.N.D. Unit arrived on scene. Officer Sanders was talking to the male, after Dep. Myers located a green bag in the truck that smelled of marijuana. During their conversation, the male decided to run away crossing all lanes of I-20 to the median. Officer Sanders chased him down in the woods and recovered almost three ounces of marijuana in the driver's shoes.
  • Inmate Work Program
    • Inmates cleared weeds around guardrails on Riverside Parkway.

      riverside parkway cleared of weeds   riverside parkway cleared of weeds

AUGUST 2, 2011
  • Corde Elias NicholsonArrest made in Child Pornography Case
    • Investigator Alex Kirkland, a computer forensic specialist with the Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant Sunday evening, July 31, 2011 looking for child pornography. Kirkland had received information from the FBI that they had identified possible child pornography being downloaded to an IP address located in Douglas County. Investigator Kirkland was able to identify the location and possible suspect at 3601 Mason Ridge Drive, Winston, Georgia. Upon searching the computer located at the residence, Kirkland identified numerous images of child pornography and seized the equipment for further forensic analysis at the Sheriff's Office.
      • Arrested and charged with Possession of Child Pornography was:
        • Corde Elias Nicholson (age 43) of the above address
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